How to stand out at your next Expo or Trade Show

September 21, 2021

Trade shows are a great way to promote your business and meet potential customers. However, since the trade show will definitely have a hundred other businesses that are trying to promote themselves, compelling an audience might seem difficult. If you’re thinking that your amazing product or service will get you places, you’re mistaken. The only capacity that can get you places is good marketing. There is no point in developing an amazing product if no one’s talking about it. To do that, you need to grasp the attention of the attendees. You’ll need to steal them from another business’s stall if you have to. Here are some cost-effective ways of attracting people to your stall.



1. Walk in Prepared

The trade show is basically a race between you and other businesses. To finish at 1st place, you’ll need to start earlier. Set up your media walls and pull up banners at least an hour before the show starts. Everything from the business cards to the brochures should be in the right place. Make sure you get enough of them printed with an eye-catching design and simple format. Click here to order yours now. A boring design will only send your business cards and brochures down the nearest trash can.


2. Invest In An Eye-Catching Booth Design

Booth design is the first thing people will notice when they move past your stall. If it seems compelling enough they’ll stop by. If not, they’ll move to the next stall since there are hundreds of options available. If you happen to be in Wollongong, check out Illawarra Print And Signage to get done with your booth design.

Make sure you use bright colors preferably from your brand. The colours will be the first recognition associated with your brand. Your design may cost you a substantial amount of money so it better be one that you can use for several years. Lastly, keep your message short and simple. Use a conversational tone and ask questions for example, “does your toothpaste have salt?” The reader will stop to read the question which is when your representatives should start talking.


3. Giveaway Something Unique

All the business stalls are likely to give away the same kinds of mugs and pens. Why should someone come to you then? Change the game by giving away something unusual but usable at the same time. Socks and sunglasses can be good options. Earphones and laptop skins can also be considered. Label these items with your brand’s name and boom! You have an entire crowd at your stall.


Wrapping Up

To stand out from the masses, you need to think out of the box. Get creative and maintain a positive image. Get involved by starting conversations and use your humor to keep the people hooked. Remember, the most important part will be the booth design, make sure you invest heavily in that.


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