Freshening Up Your Business Post Covid Lockdown

October 10, 2021
It’s been a hard 4 months. We have fought to keep our shop open so that we will still be standing when the lockdown ends. Finally the end is in sight. We can’t wait to have our staff back in the shop with us and we can’t wait to see our customers’ faces again. I’m sure most business owners have been making great plans over the last few weeks. Big plans on how they will hit the ground running. I’m also sure that many Illawarra businesses are now scrambling to find traction, rebuild and get a head start. To be honest, we have spent months of sleepless nights wondering if they can withstand the impact of Covid, and how we will survive in a changed Post-COVID world. We made it through, but it’s still an uncertain time for all of us, and it’s important to hit the ground running on October 11th. Print marketing can be your golden ticket to recovery. While handing out or delivering printed marketing materials should only be done when lockdown is officially lifted, it is a strategy to have ready to go when life gets back to normal.  

Which printed marketing materials would work best to help your business recover?



Take the opportunity to get back to face to face sales and enjoy engaging with people while handing them out. They can be customised to any design.  

Business cards

offer a personal touch and a glimpse of your brand while swapping contact information. Digital marketing is an excellent way of promoting a business or a brand, but nothing can compare to the marketing strategy where you are a part of an in-person meeting and end it with a swap of a business card. Brochures; grab the attention of customers. Brochures can be used for promoting all types of products and services. Hand them out, display them in your reception area or add them to your customers orders. A printed brochure is easy to access and read. They are cost effective and an easy way to deliver a large amount of information in an easy to read layout.  

Menus/Price Lists

Restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and hairdressers are ready to re-open on the 11th and now is the time to get your menus and price lists updated and ready to go. We have a range of paper stock from 80gsm to waterproof and tear proof paper that is built to withstand all your customers waiting to come back and visit you.  


the pandemic has increased the amount of time people are spending at a computer, in video calls, on social media or online in general. Covid has increased the amount of digital sales and marketing with businesses being more reliant than ever on their digital strategy. Due to this, consumers are more enthusiastic than ever about receiving catalogs.  

Direct Mail

Creating a Direct Mail marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to get your company’s message in front of current and new customers without exhausting your marketing budget. You can opt to send your direct mail to other businesses or out to residential addresses. Illawarra Print and Signage can design, print and organise your unaddressed or addressed direct mail either through Australia Post or using our independent network of walkers.   The clock is ticking and it’s time to hit the ground running.  

SIMON morrisey


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