5 Creative Ways to Use Stickers in Your Business

April 8, 2022

Business Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? I was always very motivated by stickers as a child. A fresh sheet of stickers always put a smile on my face. I was immediately drawn to the biggest and brightest stickers and had that one piece of wooden furniture in my bedroom that my parents had given me the ‘all good’ to go sticker crazy on.

When I started my first business and needed to put together a plan on how to market and advertise my new business name and brand, stickers were the first thing that came to mind.

What stickers would I create? What purpose would they serve? The problem was not that I didn’t know the answer. It was that I had too many ideas and uses for stickers.


Check out the following 5 ways you can use customer stickers to promote your business.


1. Giveaways/Freebies

At our shop we either deliver the products or the are collected in store by our customers. Every product is boxed up and we add a thankyou card to every order. We also designed and printed stickers to give away to our customers too. These tiny little stickers can send a message about anything and can be put on anything. If they are stuck on drink bottles, laptops, car windows you will be effectively increasing your brand and product exposure. Order in bulk and give a handful of stickers to anyone you interact with on a regular basis.


2. Sticker Seals

Do you package your products in a box or send mail via post? Add stickers that also serve a purpose. Custom round stickers with your logo on it to seal an envelope or a larger sticker to seal a box. A great way to add your branding to everything.


3. QR stickers

This is one of our favourites and we have a few varieties that are used on rotation at the shop. We have QR code stickers that lead to; google reviews, our website, our social media pages, a discount code for the next purchase. They could also link to a webpage for a prize or competition.


4. Product Labels

Your brand or logo can be created into amazing stickers. Circle, round, rectangle, custom cut, small, large; the options are endless. The packaging of your products can have a big impact on how your customers view your brand.


5. Apply stickers to storefront windows

Go big or go home is our mantra when we think or window signage. Don’t let the space go to waste! Apply custom vinyl stickers to your store windows and doors to promote deals or events. We opted to apply big colourful stickers to our front windows to liven up the look of our shop.



So what are you waiting for? To get a quote for customised sticker printing please email us at info@ilpas.com.au


SIMON morrisey


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